The Drinking Man's Diary

The Drinking Man's Diary

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A Basterds Work is Never Done
I was just watching Quentin Tarantino's great movie, Inglourious Basterds,...
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A Great Site About Beer!
Some people wonder what this site is all about -...
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Why is life worth living?
Now, searching for fine wines and beers took me to...
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Who the fuck is Max?
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Black Gold
As Max rightly points out, for the Drinkingmen's generation BoTT...
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Not just about Sarah
So as much as I love Sarah Shahi the biggest...
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Album Cover Quiz 1
You can't beat a good pub quiz. Sometimes you don't...
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Movie Hotties is Back!
And back with a vengeance. Good to see this:
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1000 Words

Coming home. Coming home. I was coming home. Missed my train from Paddington and so I had a pint of Encore in the excellent Fuller’s station pub. It happened to coincide with a beautiful moment in history. Not Ingerland beating Colombia in the last 16, or Sweden in the Quarter …

Prettiest Starman

Are you a thinker or a talker? Let’s Talk. 1970: Bowie and Bolan. One was the Prettiest Star, the other was the bastard son of Anthony Newley and Vince Taylor. Max misses the insane lad, so let’s recall a little know b-side. Gems everywhere, from starman to black star….  


So, it’s the World Cup. The South Americans are looking good, except for one team. Argentinians just seem to go down easy at the moment — the Mendoza wine, the sinking battleships, the diving strikers. So after a pint of Otamendi I uncorked a wonderful Malbec and enjoyed the terrible …

I Miss Bowie

Quizzes are only fun when you can figure them out so I appreciate The Consul making it easy for me. I was listening to a playlist I made for my daughter over the weekend and so many of the artists were dead. Boy that is depressing. David Bowie Lou Reed …

Album Cover Quiz 3

Well I wonder if Max was thinking about his breakfast? Certainly 9/11 seems foretold in a number of 70s classics from Fire and Rain to Breakfast in America. Flying machines in pieces on the ground, you know. Meanwhile, here’s another C21st setting for an album cover of mythic status. Music …

Happy Father’s Day

So tomorrow is Father’s Day.  Probably the biggest single difference between myself and my drinking companions on this blog is that I have two children and they have none.  I don’t know if they wanted kids and it just never happened, or they never really wanted them.  For me I …

Album Cover Quiz 2

Following in the great tradition began by the Consul: Album Cover Quiz 1 I give you our second modern Album Cover view of a classic American album from the late 70’s.  This particular view has great meaning to all Americans because there are no Twin Towers anymore.  I knew I …


Men in general are tactile creatures. It maybe because they have 6-18 inches of swinging (English) Ham hanging between their legs that they get to play with it from an early age, or something else. But we like touching things. Breasts of course are obvious, gear knobs, knobs of any …