The Drinking Man's Diary

The Drinking Man's Diary

Searching for the Perfect Pint?

Drinking Highlights

Greatest Year in Music 3
Well 1968 was another great year, without even mentionind White...
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I was outside the Swan the other day, beer in...
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In Country
Kentucky and Max headed down to the backyard of the...
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Foster The People
So this week's excitement involves seeing Foster The People at...
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Good to see the Consul still has a soft spot...
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The Pedestal Photo
So this was the photo I planned on putting up...
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Nice and Sharp: Amber Ale
So, some more tasting notes from Sharp -- for their...
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Max is on holiday
Normal service will be resumed shortly.
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Recent Posts

Little Boys Lost

So, I’ve been reading a great book by Allan Jones entitled I Can’t Stand up for Falling Down (where have I heard that before?) It’s a series of his Uncut magazine reminiscences from the 1970s when he worked at Melody Maker. Boy, what a vanished world of booze and blagging. …

P!nk is here!

So my good lady and I are off tomorrow for our second Mini-Break of the year.  Pretty much everything will be the same as in March but this time we’ll be seeing the amazing P!nk.  And I think we’ll be drinking more.  Can’t wait to get away for a few …

Still Beautiful

As we have seen before, there is nothing not to like about the beautiful Brazilian Morena Baccarin: Beautiful Brazilians and I don’t think it matters how old you are, you can always appreciate beauty, even if you can’t do much about it.

Ye Olde Cleanse

As you get older a common desire is to get rid of the clutter and dead wood in your life.  Both people and things.  Kentucky and I used to talk about removing the dead wood from our lives 30 years ago so you can only imagine how much more there …