100 Beers To Go

So in about 100 beers (give or take) I’ll be flying in my Jumbo jet to Heathrow airport. To say I’m starting to get anxious would be an understatement. I’m not anxious about being in the UK, but what happens when I’m gone. I’m trying to get everything squared away in my office such that when I leave for two weeks it will all be smooth, and the biggest stress I will experience is where do I put the Rodborough Cup when I win it at our “Annual” Pool Tournament. As I get closer more things seem to be popping up. Unlike The Consul I’m not a calm traveler, in fact I’m not calm at all until I arrive safely at my destination. For this trip to the UK I am determined to have a wonderful time, and if my business burns whilst I’m travelling I’ll deal with it when I return.