20 + 10 + 20 = 50

So I’m coming up to 50. The first 20 years were spent simply growing up – I formed my initial opinions on music, movies, comedy, girls, and learned a few magic tricks. The next 10 (college, first job, college again, second job, moving to USA) were easily the wildest. I often say my best year was when I was 25. It was certainly the simplest. Through these first 30 years I was basically alone with various interesting characters coming and going. Kentucky of course played the biggest role in my third decade. The last 20 years have been different since I’ve spent them with my wife and a few years later my two kids. It is hard to compare the two worlds. I have been in the married one for so long, the single life, even the married life with no kids, seem like two lifetimes ago. I can’t imagine going back, although a break every now and then does not hurt. However, I noticed this pie chart on what a 50 year old thinks about and can categorically say that at 49 I spend a lot more time thinking about beer and sex than I do about hair, sleep, money or kids. In fact, the pie chart for 25 is much closer to how I think today. Does this mean I am odd or is the chart wildly wrong? Inquiring minds want to know!