20oz, 12oz, and now 11.2oz

So after a number of false starts I’ve spoken to Justin at Specs (I was unable to use their slow arse website) and will be ordering once a month the following beverages via the telephone (512-263-9981 – Amy + Daniel):

  • 1 Case of Fuller’s ESB 11.2oz
  • 1 Case of Alaskan Amber 12oz
  • 1 Case of  Austin EastCider Original 12oz
  • 1 Case of Stella Artois (22oz bottle for the Missus)

This should be enough to keep me going.  But I must voice my dismay at the 11.2oz bottles of ESB.  WTF?  I understand it is purely an efficiency and cost saving measure since the rest of the world deals with the Metric system (which I moved to America to avoid) but after getting used to 12oz instead of 20oz being gypped another oz feels like cruel and unusual punishment!

Just one more sign that America is losing the respect of the rest of the world 🙁