25 Years Later

So according to the clock on the wall my wife and I have now been married 25 years.  We won’t really celebrate until “tomorrow” because everyone else is asleep now.  There is no one on the planet I have spent more time with or more meaningful life experiences than my wife. She is my best friend, the mother of my children, my business partner, the person who makes me laugh the most, the person who makes me the most angry, the person who has comforted me the most, and, of course, the greatest love of my life.  She has seen me at my highest peak, my lowest ebb and everywhere in between.

Today I love her more than ever and, maybe foolishly, look forward to the next twenty five years by her side. She doesn’t look anything like Audrey Hepburn but I like to think The Consul will appreciate Audrey and understand how I feel.  I’m proud of many things in my life, but being married to my wife for 25 years is one of my greatest achievements.  If you knew me well you’d understand how significant an achievement it is.

Thank-you baby.