A Drinking Man's Game: Pool

The tricky thing when searching for the Perfect Pint is that after a few beers you tend to lose your edge. This was made as clear as the fine session beer, Greene King IPA, when Kentucky, Bob, and myself met up with The Consul at his amazing bachelor pad. We were playing our annual Pool tournament which involved 16 intense frames over two sessions – before and after beer! The first 8 frames The Consul wiped the floor with us. But in the afternoon when we returned from some fine brews at the Ragged Cot (or Cock as the Consul likes to say). He was clearly off his game, and even with the help of Bob he was unable to win the tournament – Kentucky took the honors with myself a distant third. The good news is that my performance was essentially unaltered with or without beer – sometimes I played some good frames and others the balls were flying. This feature of Pool – the ability to pot some great balls half cut – makes it a perfect game when drinking beer.