A Texas Snakebite revisted

I spoke to my friend, The Judge, in New York City about my recipe for a True Snakebite and we decided to call it a “Texas Snakebite”, because everything is bigger in Texas! The Judge was keen to try out this beverage, so I told him to track down some good German lager. I suggested Lowenbrau and The Judge was off on his search, forgoing his session with the monks that night. After a couple of trips he found some Lowenbrau and some good quality Crispin Natural Hard Apple Cider. He also chose Ricard instead of Pernod. I didn’t think there was a big difference so I said go for it. He poured about 10oz of Lowenbrau and 10oz of Crispin into a large pint glass which had room for a bit of head, and then topped it off with a single measure (1 oz) of Ricard. His first comment was, this is an Amazing Drink! But later, he was picked up for flashing his ample man cleavage to the shocked punters on the lower east side. It was clear to me that this drink requires a bit more of controlled environment. So on July 4th, a day celebrated by most Americans, I decided to try one out for myself whilst watching The Godfather, with my family. Great movie, great drink, but not for the faint of heart!