A True Snakebite?

One of the great things you do when you’re at college is experiment. Experiment with love, philosophy, money, sex, condoms, drugs, alcohol, literature, music, movies, and sometimes, education. Of course one of the things that took up much of my time was alcohol. Trying to find the perfect beverage that was satisfying, gave you a good buzz and was not too expensive. Before I met Kentucky I was a big cider drinker. To this day I still enjoy cider, but I am much more of a beer man thank’s to Kentucky’s training. One of the drinks I would often drink in my early days was a Snakebite – half a lager and half a cider. It always seemed to do the job quicker than the individual drinks. A few years later I was told by a bar owner that a True Snakebite was half a lager and half a cider, and then topped off with a shot of pernod. And after trying a few it certainly lived up to its name – not for the faint of heart.