All The Pounding You Can Handle, Bitch!

As we have seen as you get older looking good is not enough, you have to exercise to feel good.  This goes against pretty much everything I have practiced for over 50 years.  However, about 12 months ago I started to take my weight and my exercise regime more seriously.  It is always a pain when you start anything – you are just crap at it, which when you are used to being good at things doesn’t go down too well.  Also who has the time to go to the Gym or run for an hour?  Not me.  So I invested in a Nexersys Pro and for 25 minutes 3 days a week, I pound the shit out of it!  For the first time in my life I almost look forward to working out, and I certainly feel stronger and I even know what my “core” is.  Thank-you Nexersys!