Another Great Concert

Last week I took my son to see the very talented Graham Parker at my favorite venue in Austin – the One World Theater. I have never seen Mr. Parker, but have always liked his music. Maybe not an Elvis Costello, but close and my son and I really enjoyed the evening. He performed solo with both acoustic and electric guitar. My favorite old songs of the evening were Soul Corruption, Stupefaction and Protection. His new songs from the soon to be released album, “Three Chords Good” (back with The Rumour), sounded great so I’m looking forward to its release too. When I see these remarkably talented people playing in small venues I’m often pleased and saddened at the same time. Pleased – because I get to see some amazing performers right up close with perfect acoustics and no hassles. Saddened – because they deserve more. Graham Parker is one of the greats who started back in the 70’s and has continued to deliver for over thirty years. He deserves more than 150-200 people, no matter how beautiful the venue and surrounding Texas Hill Country are.