'Are there any girls who'd like a little more Irish in them?' (Phil)

So, Max has a manifesto: ‘we just want a few beers, some good music, and a beautiful woman to appreciate.’ And they should go together. So, here’s my favourite threesome from the 1970s: 1.A pint of Guinness and a pint of No.3. The 1970s were for me a period of discovering how wonderful northern, Irish and Scottish beers were after years of forcing back the weak piss of Courage and Watneys 2. The 70s were the golden period of music and that’s because of the range of good stuff from singer songwriters to punk. For example I remember nearly a dozen great 70s Songs about roses: Rosalita, Rosie had Everything Planned, Roxanne, Misty Roses, Roxette, Rose of Cimmaron, New Rose, Love Grows (where my Rosemary goes) and even Cracklin’ Rosie. For all these I will select as representative Thin Lizzy’s rocker ‘Rosalie’, preferably in the Live & Dangerous version. 3. Rose Byrne (b.1979). A remarkable Australian actress of Scottish and Irish heritage What a good decade for the roses, Elvis. ‘Acting upon information received Rosie had everything planned Stood in a garden with shotgun in hand What a woman Oh but Rosie, how could a few words have made her Certain that he had betrayed her Making her think that she’d lost Double-crossed by a man who was dear Row upon row of angel-hair Rosie had everything planned Sure that the people would not understand Sad, sad woman’