Are you a man, or

an old man?

Well, a lot depends on how people treat you. As you can see my first pint of Brakspeare was served in a now-traditional straight pint glass; the second, produced for me by a young serving gentleman came housed in a pint pot fit for my father. I was not amused. Have you run out of straight glasses? Do you think I look like I am nostalgic for a pot glass? Do you want to ask me if I want to feel geriatric? The same applies to language. I was on a short-haul flight recently and the air steward kept calling me (and everyone else)  ‘mate’. Now, I am not old enough to want to be called ‘sir’, and I don’t object to ‘guys’, or even nothing at all, but ‘mate’ is not a suitable let alone professional form of address. D’you know what, I mean , like, lol xxxx