The Consul is posting so much good stuff recently that I feel ashamed that I’m not on the ball and keeping up with him.  In my defence (spot the British guy!) I try to make a point to only post when I’ve been drinking and officially I’m not scheduled to drink until Wednesday night. As luck would have it, I had a bonus beer session tonight anyway so was able to squeeze this post in.

The post on blonde vs brunette certainly demanded a response! Based on these two photos there is no doubt (drunk or sober) blonde every time.  But to be fair it is as much about makeup as it is hair color.  I’m a real sucker for red lipstick all over my cock – who isn’t?

I used to think I was a primarily Blonde guy, but if this blog has proven one thing to me I’m very at home with Brunettes.  I even posted as much five years ago here.