Bartender Send Those Ladies A Bottle of Moet

So back in the good old days Kentucky and I used to go drinking of an evening.  We’d start off at the Fox & Newt and bang down three beers.  I’d boldly go for Old Pecker because I was young and foolish and when the buzz began we’d head off to the George to score.  I talked about the whole plan here:

Throw-up then Chat-up!

But what I have never divulged, until now, is the ruse to pick-up chicks that worked surprisingly well.  If I spotted a likely pair of ladies in the bar, I’d ask the bartender Jimmy, a crusty ex-navy guy with tattoos, red hair, and a curly mustache, to send to their table a bottle of Moet & Chandon Champagne.  In all my years at college I never saw anyone else do this, and so it was a surprise and invariably impressed the ladies enough at least so we could sit down and chat.  Whether we scored or not was up to Kentucky, sometimes he had dolphins in his trousers and things didn’t go so well, but when he was on form, look out!

Otherwise, we’d end up at the Fenton and a good time was had by all.