Beer families don't get along

So in keeping with the learning tone that The Consul has set, I’ve been trying to find some new beers to report about. One beer I recently started drinking is Firemans #4 from the Real Ale Brewing Company. I really like it and I thought I should check out some of the other beers from this great brewer. There are six other beers in their family that they produce all year round. I’ve tried:

  • Full Moon Pale Rye Ale
  • Devil’s Backbone
  • One other … whose name escapes me!
  • Lost Gold IPA
  • Rio Blanco Pale Ale
  • Brewhouse Brown Ale

The only one that was ok was the: Rio Blanco Pale Ale. The rest all had some aftertaste that makes me not want to come back for more. I know all beer is an acquired taste, but I don’t understand how one company can produce a great beer and then follow it with so many bad beers. I was very excited when I first bought the sampler six pack, but will only drink Firemans #4 in the future. There is nothing worse than a bad beer taste to ruin the evening for you!