Beer Order Online

So I’ve lamented at some length how tricky it is to get quality European Beers here in Texas. So over the last few months I’ve been trying to expand my reach to find better beers.  I’ve tried online, but the Land of the Free can’t ship beer in Texas …  I also can’t get home deliveries from a local store because we are out of the catchment area.  And the problem when I just turn up at a store is they never have much available. 

So my next plan was to order online for pick-up at the store.  I don’t mind travelling a few miles to pick-up some quality beer.  Even this simple task in 2017 is proving tricky.  To put things in perspective I built my first eCommerce website from scratch 23 years ago, and yet today when I tried using the appallingly slow Specs Online it kept timing out and I just could not even view the beers let alone order them.  And don’t believe slogans like the one on their website:

With our selection and lower prices, you could try something new every day without exhausting your options – or your bank account.

It is very clear that each place I try has pretty much the same selection of European beers.  So I found a new site called Total Wine that is about 10 miles further to drive, but their website works and it has pretty much the same beers for me.  I’m not asking for the world.  All I want is:

  • Fuller’s ESB
  • Alaskan Amber
  • Old Speckled Hen
  • Stella Artois (22oz bottle for the Missus)
  • Blackthorn English Cider
  • Austin EastCider Original

I plan on creating an order tomorrow and hopefully things will be smooth and I can stop trying lame American beers and start enjoying Friday nights again.  I’ll keep you posted.