Bend Over!

So I went for my 6+ year physical today.  There is nothing I hate more than going to see the Doctor, but I knew how happy my wife would be so I made an appointment as an early Christmas present – yes I’m a giver.

Here’s the problem – it doesn’t matter how healthy and happy you feel when you go to see the Doctor I can guarantee you will feel worse when you leave.   I have not felt this good for over a decade.  Literally, every part of my body and mind is the best it has been for 10+ years.  I have zero complaints.  And even though my Doctor said these things:

  1. Blood Pressure is perfect.
  2. Prostate is looking great.
  3. Alcohol consumption is fine.
  4. And you’re well endowed down there – as he had his had all over my balls.

There were still things that he found issue with my Cholesterol (which has been high for 54 mother fucking years!) and, a new one for me, my Testosterone is too low.  So now instead of walking away, I’m going to have more tests and I get to pay for the privilege and the abuse and more disappointments. Which is why I wonder why we go in the first place – you’ll never make them happy, so why even bother?