Bingbing is back!

Ok, so Sarah is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Almost as good looking as my auntie Sheila back in the 1970s (think Sophia Loren living in Luton). Max fantasizes about bumping into Sarah Shahi because she was born in Texas. She is otherwise known by her birthname as Aahoo Jahansouz — no jokes pleeeze. Though do you know the one about the Aahoo bird? It lays square eggs. Anyway Sarah was born to an Iranian father and Mexican mother, thus proving inconclusively [sic] the drinking man’s belief in miscegenation and exogamy. Yes, I swallowed a dictionary. However I want to suggest that just as beautiful is Bingbing Li, a petite version of Sarah and therefore not to Kentucky’s taste, but a wistful and intelligent Chinese-Korean teacher-turned-actor. Catch her in 400 boys if you can.