Bite me

Blimey O’Reilly there’s hope for us all. Max is enjoying Howards End and all’s right with the world. Meanwhile, let’s talk about sweets. Not, desserts (in Howards End they eat at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand to enjoy old English fare  but then lunch at Mr. Eustace Miles’s restaurant, which specialises in meatless, nutritious food: ‘”It’s all proteids and body-buildings”’) but sweets. You know, candy!

So,  next to an advertisement for ‘oven golves’ (go figure) I found an apron of delight: a plastic bib proclaiming the chocolate heaven of youth. How could you resist an Aztec bar, or in my case a Bar Six and a Gold Mine (nuggets of honey comb in Cadburys)? My dad loved old Jamaica and my mum loved a bar of DMC — the best Christmas present anyone could have. The Curly Wurly, stretchy toffee encased in chocolate, was perhaps king, though the Ice Breaker was the cool queen of chocolate bars. Happy days; sticky nights.