Comrade Cowbell – A Beer For The People

So ever since I started getting my regular shipments from Twin Liquors:

Twin Liquors Right on The Money

I have had less reason to try new beers. But I picked up a pint of a very strong beer called Comrade Cowbell from the Buffalo Bayou Brewery in Houston, Texas a few weeks ago and gave it a shot tonight during the State of The Union Address. Wow this is one of the strongest beers I’ve had since college: 9.8% ABV!!! That’s pretty much twice the strength of my normal beers these days. And the bottle was 22oz so it was almost like drinking 4 of my normal beers in one.  As the website says:

Blurring the lines between Imperial Red and Barley Wine, this brew is aggressively hop-forward and dangerously sessionable.

And very enjoyable too.  The State of The Union has never looked so good!