Damn Americans

I’ve lived in Texas for half of my life and am really getting concerned about the American approach to Beer and now Cider.  I posted here about how much I like Austin Eastcider’s Original Dry Cider.  But it seems American’s love to fuck with a good thing and like to add all sorts of fruity items to their quality brews.  If you look at Eastcider’s line-up they still have Original but they also have:

Clearly they think fruit is a good idea.  But as I see more and more shelf space taken up with fruity flavors for both Beer and Cider it worries me that one day they’ll dump the Original, which I still love.  I’m all for diversity, but the European style of beer has worked for centuries and it is very difficult to watch this trend unfold right before our eyes.  It reminds me of how in the 80’s we were all so concerned about Big Brother invading our privacy, but in the end we invited him right into our front rooms with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. without any coercion from the government.  

Yes, we just invited him in.