Dead Shark Syndrome

So life continues with its fair share of highs and lows.  When you get into your fifties you can easily suffer a little bit from “dead shark syndrome” – walking around with the dead lifeless eyes of a shark.  There are few surprises at this age and most of the things you hoped for when you were younger have either happened or they have not, but there probably aren’t many more things you are as stoked about today as when you were 21.

But it doesn’t mean life holds no more joy.

If you are blessed enough to have kids it is amazing how much joy and sadness you get from them. When they are in their twenties the joyful moments seem to outweigh the sad ones, particularly with those tricky teenage years over and done with.  But even without kids there are plenty of reasons to be happy, especially if you have someone to share life’s experiences with.  For me work continues to have its moments of high stress followed by more sedate periods and moments of real achievement, and I relish all states.  Because I work, in part, with my wife it brings us closer together and we get to sleigh the dragons together, which has certainly reinforced our relationship.

Some people strive to be happy all the time, but I am convinced that is not possible. You can’t have one without the other, and I think we are all the better for it.  I endure the low times because I know there will be other times of joy just around the corner.  And when things get too low, we always have beer!