Death of the Pub

Now, Kentucky knows a thing or two about the price of beer. He famously pointed out in the 1980s that the drinking man will not pay above a pound a pint for his real ale. If only such charges applied now. Yes, it seems there are a hundred pubs closing a day in Blighty and one reason is the Bastard tax which is our ‘duty’. On this ignominious day, when a Tory toff ascends the greasy pole to PM with his multimillions and his Eton tie, and his Bollinger club silver puke spoon, the government are determined to sound the death knell and price the Landlord out of his own market. Fifteen quid for four drinks, anyone? That’s what it costs up at the Ragged Cock these days. Personally, I would like to be duty free, but alas I have no bru-heat to make my own ale. Mind you, I thank Boris we don’t live in London. Woulda cost a pony!!!