Dick Measuring No More

So when I talk about what we have lost by moving away from the Vinyl Experience one of the things I omitted was how we could no longer measure our dicks by the size of our record collections. If you were like any red blooded male back in the 70’s you probably had a day or more every week where you headed down to your favorite record store run by someone who wishes they were as cool as John Cusack in High Fidelity and ask them what is new this week.  You’d listen to a bunch of songs and grab all that sounded good.  This was truly the time of one hit wonders and in the late 70’s one chord wonders too and finding a great song that your friends had not heard was one of the great pleasures in life (or was this just me?).

These days because of streaming services and mp3’s it is much more of a grey area – anyone can have a cool music collection very cheaply. I’m under no illusions about The Consul – I know he has more knowledge than me when it comes to pretty much anything except for computers and magic, so I’m always pleased when I read one of his lists if I can recognize more than a few songs.  And when I can get to 80% I feel as though I’ve arrived.  My dick may not be bigger, but I’m happy to know that back in the 70’s The Consul and I were listening to many of the same songs.