Drinking 24×7

So there’s no doubt when you hit your fifties you drink less.  The body can’t take the abuse, hangovers last longer and hurt more, and typically you have more responsibilities than when you were in your twenties. I really love drinking but think this state of affairs is not all bad.

Getting shitfaced or even drunk is a rare event these days.  In fact, the last time I got really drunk was seven years ago when The Consul visited (actually, that is not 100% true, I got pretty wasted during the election results of 2012, and when I visited The Judge in New York City in 2013 which I allude to here, but never posted which I’ll do one day soon).  It was a great session with The Consul for sure and allowed us to catch-up after years of separation.  However, in real-life drinking 24×7 is not an option.  I now only drink 3 nights a week: Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and I look forward to every one of those days.  In fact they help me get through the other days.  I’m not saying I’m Waiting for the Weekend, but knowing I’ve got some beers coming really helps.  You should see me on Wednesday mornings and Fridays in particular – I get quite giddy and most of my troubles are forgotten.  It is not the drinking that helps me forget them, but knowing that I have a night of drinking coming up!

Whereas if you drink 24×7 you never really have anything to look forward too, and unless you’re going to pull a Nicholas Cage in Leaving Las Vegas you have to stop at some point.