Drinking Head on!

I was thinking that the last post featuring the beautiful, but sadly departed, Brittany Murphy, was to be my last of the evening. But as Kentucky used to say: “I had my drinking head on.” So what can be more perfect than the middle of the night, with Ray LaMontagne playing of course, and a fridge full of Shiner Bock. Sometimes we try to educate on this blog – rarely, but it does happen. So I wanted to make sure everyone remembers the beer hierarchy rule:

  1. Draft beer is best,
  2. Bottled beer is second,
  3. Canned beer is last.

I’ve been drinking canned Shiner tonight as a test – yes I still take one for the team – and it just doesn’t taste the same as bottles or draft. I don’t know why. I’m sure Kentucky knows, if he could just keep off the tail for more than a few minutes maybe he’ll let us know.