Drinking in the Lyrics 2

‘And you, you can be mean And I, I’ll drink all the time’ Don’t sue me, but supposedly this is about Bowie seeing the married Tony Visconti and his girlfriend snogging up against the Berlin wall inbetween recordig sessions. Hence the transitory nature of the lovers’ heroic relationship. I always preferred to mishear the lyric as ‘And you, you can be me’…. And many Bowie songs are improved by personalised mishearing. Kentucky thinks ‘Young Americans’ should start with ‘They pulled in just behind the fridge’, while I prefer the question in the middle (‘ain’t there one damn song’) to be a subversion of the white boy blue-eyed soul, such that I always hear: ‘Play me one dance song that could make me break down and cry’! Beauty is in the earhole of the listener!