Drinking in the Van

Now, Max, I think, thinks that I think Moondance is Van’s greatest album. Well, methinks, he may be right, in the sense at least that there are at least 3 perfections of vinyl that Van recorded and it would be pointless trying to decide which is best. The Olympic gold for best album will be won by each in its year, its genre, its genius. One seminal track is Into the Mystic, whose lyrics have always intrigued me. Should it be: We were born before the wind Also younger than the sun Ere the bonny boat was won As we sail into the mystic …. or perhaps ….. We were borne before the wind All so younger than thee son Air the bonny boat was one As we sail into the misty Obviously, the words don’t much matter (Van’s not Dylan), but the music takes you on the wind, the sun, the air, the mist, etc. Oh, and the water stoned me. PS As I sit here listening to Independence Day on my headcans I think that there are 4 perfections in the Belfast cowboy’s canon. Such that I can hear the fireworks up and down the San Francisco Bay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!