Drinking Man's Comedy

Two of the 20th Century’s best comedians also knew the value of drinking to excess. Sadly they are both dead but most certainly not forgotten. Of course I’m talking about Derek & Clive – or more popularly known as Pete & Dud. Many of us serious drinkers have had a skinful and then thought we were the funniest mother fuckers around. We weren’t. But Derek & Clive were the genuine article. It is hard to gauge how drunk they were when they made those recordings but drunk or sober they were brilliant. Maybe best appreciated after a few beers but still brilliant: Clive I’d like to meet Ezekiel and have a few words with him. What a fucking load of crap he wrote. Derek Yeah, he’s got a lot to answer for. Clive Leviticus? What a cunt. Derek Cunt. Eroditus? Get fucked. Clive Eroditus? Derek Leviathan, shove it. Clive Leviathan, was he, was he a gospeller?