Drinking times

Many years ago it was only possible to drink at prescribed times of day. British rail overcame this difficulty with the world famous ‘awaydayadrinkaday’; and ‘the traveller’ was invented for hikers who would walk for hours with a polypin or smaller vessel to quench their thirst between ‘sessions’. In the ‘Thatcher Thatcher milk snatcher’ decade you could only drink from 12 til 2 and from 7 til 11 (or 10.30 on a Sunday). This gave rise to the famous ‘backrow’. While this traditionally means drinking all the whiskies and opticals along the back of the bar, in the Fenton you had to drink all the beers at the pumps along the barfront in the 6 hour session. If you could do this, you could have the whole set free one more time. I think Max drank them dry on many an occasion!