Everybody’s on ToTP

Well we were lucky to be born into the golden age of rock n roll. David Hepworth’s new book Uncommon People charts the rise of rock from the mid fifties through to its demise with the death of Kurt Cobain. Forty glorious years that peaked in the seventies. There’s so much good stuff from the decade but let’s celebrate the B-list — the stuff that was on the telly every Thursday night. Here’s a little ramble on through a recent triple set that adorns the car stereo on the commute at the moment. But can you spot the bands listed on the cover that don’t actually appear on the album? Clearly couldn’t get enough of their love!


Disc: 1

  1. Since You been Gone / Rainbow

Mediocre starter. Poor person’s Led Zep meets Kiss.

  1. Bat Out Of Hell (Single Version) / Meat Loaf

Showbiz opera – good drivin’ track but poor person’s Bruce Springsteen.

  1. The Boys Are Back In Town / Thin Lizzy

One of the greatest songs ever recorded – remember buying the album Jailbreak on release at one of those dark, tiny record stores that were palaces to me.

  1. Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting) / Elton John

Drunker than a barrelful of monkeys. Great stuff from one of the killer doubles. Pored over this gatefold for hours.

  1. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet / Bachman Turner Overdrive

Remember selling my copy of the album to a schoolmate when I was 17 and had my first failed attempt to grow out of pop music

  1. All Right Now / Free

Supposedly the true spirit of pop-rock, telling ‘the kids’ that everything’s gonna be ok. Not their best track though (see below). Remeber buying iy on an EP with Wishing Well and My Brother Jake – beat that as a bargain.

  1. School’s Out / Alice Cooper

Remember buying Elected – all the young boys loved Alice.

  1. Crazy Horses / The Osmonds

Ehhhhwaawwww. Ehhhhwaawwww.

  1. Silver Machine / Hawkwind

RIP Lemmy.

  1. Virginia Plain / Roxy Music

Proof that two Brians is too much. Great song apart from the Ferryman.

  1. This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us / Sparks

Still gives me nightmares.

  1. Motor Bikin’ / Chris Spedding

Strictly for those too young to own a motorbike.

  1. Fox On The Run / The Sweet

What did the man at the back say? Underated Sweet.

  1. Pretty Vacant / Sex Pistols

Out to lunch.

  1. No More Heroes / The Stranglers

I remember this being in the chart listing directly under Bowie’s ‘Heroes’!

  1. Do Anything You Wanna Do / The Rods

Great pub rock reinvention as new wave. Sure beats Sham 69. Time to get out of Denver again.

  1. Like Clockwork / Boomtown Rats

Not their finest hour but a Tonic allthesame

  1. Down In The Tube Station At Midnight / The Jam

First time I heard this I thought it was the best pop record ever made. Still know every word.

  1. Milk & Alcohol / Dr Feelgood

Shoulda been bigger. One of the very best on the jetty. See Oil City Confidential – one of the best rock bios.

  1. Hanging On The Telephone / Blondie

Which phone booth are you in Debbie? And how can I get there?


Disc: 2

  1. My Sharona / The Knack

Mods meet Led Zep. Imagine Page and Plant doing this song.

  1. Nutbush City Limits / Ike & Tina Turner

Tina’s great 3 mins. You better watch what you’re puttin’ down.

  1. Let’s Stick Together / Bryan Ferry

No, let’s not.

  1. Long Train Running / The Doobie Brothers

Wrong title. Bad Doobies. Without love, where would you be now

  1. Stuck In The Middle With You / Stealers Wheel

Great Dylan-with-rhythm song but not good for the ears.

  1. The Witch Queen Of New Orleans / Redbone

Native American.

  1. Devil’s Answer / Atomic Rooster

Are we one a theme?

  1. The Witch / The Rattles

Definitely on a theme. Prefer the Rutles, but these share a Hamburg thing with the prefabs.

  1. Black Betty / Ram Jam

Bam a lam.

  1. Sweet home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd

Couldn’t they afford Freebird (or Hotel California, or Layla, or any Stones tracks?)

  1. The Devil Went Down To Georgia / The Charlie Daniels Band

Robert Johnson. Johnny B Goode. White Tears.

  1. Jig – A


  1. Whiskey In The Jar / Thin Lizzy

Now we’re talking!

  1. Spanish Stroll / Mink DeVille

Now Seaside Johnny’s talking. Loved this since day one.

  1. Walk On The Wild Side / Lou Reed

Hey babe. Some Candy talking?

  1. Boston Tea Party / Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Are you ready? English teeth.

  1. White Punks On Dope / The Tubes

More theatrics, but loved the gatefold so got me a ticket to the Hammersmith Odeon to see punk’s answer to Meatloaf.

  1. 2-4-6-8 / Tom Robinson Band

Loved TRB. Still treasure that Rising Free EP – Don’t Take no for an Answer / Glad to be Gay / Martin

  1. Back Of My Hand / The Jags

Mod revival! Get your Parka out. And a white jacket with side vents five inches long.

  1. Banana Splits / The Dickies

Four bananas make a bunch. And so do many more. Loved those Mickey Mouse teenyboppers dancing across the stage!


Disc: 3

  1. More Than A Feeling / Boston

Not more than filler in my book. I think Boston are better than this.

  1. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper / Blue Oyster Cult

One of the 3 great Marianne songs (can you name the others?)

  1. Show Me The Way / Peter Frampton

What was that blowpipe called? Strangest live album megasuccess ever. Even bought it myself. Haven’t played it in years.

  1. Barracuda / Heart

Never got ‘em. American thing?

  1. I Want You To Want Me / Cheap Trick

Bought the single. Ws it recorded in Japan?

  1. Life Is A Minestrone / 10CC

The Beatles of the 1970s – four great albums in a row.

  1. 5705 / City Boy

Further proof that Birmingham is the greatest rock city in England outside of London.

  1. Forget About You / The Motors

The Motors could pick a melody.

  1. Rockin’ All Over The World / Status Quo

Obligatory.Why not the original John Fogerty?

  1. Alright, Alright, Alright / Mungo Jerry

Makes change from In the Summertime – sure I’ve written about that song somewhere on the blog

  1. Mama Told Me (Not To Come) / Three Dog Night

Randy Newman’s latest is great too. Check out the first track ‘Putin’

  1. Pick Up The Pieces / Hudson – Ford
  2. Lay Down / The Strawbs

You can’t touch this No.1 song – it’s part of the union.

  1. You Wear It Well / Rod Stewart

From the days when Rod was God. Too good to last.

  1. Woodstock / Matthews Southern Comfort

Joni and the 60s on a 70s album?

  1. Question / The Moody Blues

String of great albums. Face piles of trials with smiles.

  1. Wishing Well / Free

The greatest Free song.

  1. Caroline / Status Quo

There is only one Quo song really and they kept playing it with different titles. Deeper and down etc.

  1. House Of The Rising Sun / Frijid Pink

Better versions are available.

  1. Parisienne Walkways / Gary Moore Featuring Phil Lynott

You’re my guitar hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!