So I have been planning and looking forward to my fiftieth celebration trip to the UK for over a year and now we are just a couple of days away. Will it be a big disappointment or will it be all that I have hoped for? I have realistic expectations. I already know that the UK weather at the moment is cold and wet so I’m packing thicker socks to take care of that! Kentucky will be a no-show, which was sad to hear but is ok too, and sadly not a huge surprise. I have six destinations lined up and all of them are to visit friends or family without any stays in hotels so I’ve always got something to look forward too. I’ve almost figured out all of my train trips and although I’ll be spending more time on trains than I have in the last 27 years combined, I have a handle on it. The biggest achievement I have out-of-the-way is work – trying to get everything set-up so I can leave without worries has been tricky to say the least, but I believe I have achieved that. So now it is time to just sit back and enjoy the ride in about 50 hours it will all begin! I can’t wait, and Expectations be ready to be amazed!