First Class Max

Ever since I turned fifty I’ve only flown First or Business Class – hence the name: First Class Max.  Now this is not as impressive as it sounds since I don’t fly much, which in a way does actually make it more impressive as there are no “frequent flyer bitch miles for this boy” – I have to pay full price in stone cold cash each time.  For this 25th anniversary flight to the UK not only did we fly Club World but it was a direct flight and to say this was almost the highlight of the trip probably reflects more on how little we get out – but it was perfect all the same.  My wife, having never flown Business Class in her life, loved it all – it is really the only way to fly, particularly on these long International flights.  The nine hours flew by and our chauffeur met us in arrivals at Heathrow right on time.

It is always nice to be back in the the Olde Country, particularly visiting such a wonderful typical English county as Sussex.  The weather was perfect, if a bit hotter than I expected.  The visit with my family went off without a hitch and it was really nice to enjoy the brief time with them.

Not the same as visiting the Consul for my fiftieth but still wonderful and we lived to tell the tale – I even performed some magic to keep the punters happy.