First Socialism and Now Cans?

I received a worried call from my guy at Twin Liquors last week … “Max, I’ve got some bad news for you, your case of Alaskan now comes in cans only – do you still want it?”  I could tell he was waiting for a frosty response.

Of course every Drinking Man knows beer tastes better in bottles, but those damn far lefties have got everyone so worried about global warming that now they are coming after our bottles too.  If I was half the man I once was I would have told my guy: “Fuck this shit!”  But of course I didn’t, I still need the eggs 🙁

At some point the fair minded, hard working man will rebel, but it is not today.  I’ll keep on drinking the cans instead – poured into glasses of course – but it is a sad day for all drinking men.  Take note, today they are after out bottles, tomorrow our beer.