Flight or Fight

I’m sorry to hear Max has been taken down to Chinatown by the tasteful peeps at DD. To live outside the law you must be honest, so we want the DMD to stay legal. Such a theme, in all its reverberations, is sounded in the movie Flight, which brings to our attention a silhouette that needs to be appreciated. After two hours of this film, several audience members are still likely to be transfixed by the first two minutes. So, I’m sorry if Max is transgressing any more copyrights if I post a picture that hints at the curvature of the kind of flight attendant he hopes to serve him on his hop across the pond. Nadine, Nadine, Chuck Berry would have said, I can’t find you in DD’s list of models so I hope you can stay on our site. And as Joe Strummer once said of all chuck Berry songs: `its the only record you need`.