Forgotten Drinking Companions – Kentucky

Now that Kentucky has moved on to softer, inner thigh pastures you can’t help but miss him. Of all the drinking companions I have known there is no one who appreciates a perfect pint of beer more than Kentucky. He was the one that weaned me from cider to beer. In fact I remember clearly the first night I drank only beer instead of cider. Kentucky was home brewing in those days and he got it in his head to brew me a beer he thought I would like. I like the darker sweeter beers, which probably explains my love of ESB, but I didn’t know that at the time.

Well the beer he delivered to me, made by his fair Trappist hand was superb. That evening, as we wandered from pub to pub, I drank only beers under his expert tutelage and enjoyed every one. It was a whole new experience as I had only drank cider up until that point. The Consul thinks I’m still a cider drinker at heart, but the fact of the matter is that I drink much more beer than cider and only drink cider in the UK because I can’t get good cider in the US. I like the clean predictable taste of cider from time to time, but otherwise always drink beer.

Hopefully in the Spring I’ll get to drink beer again with Kentucky, and it won’t be just me and The Consul. At this point seeing or hearing from Kentucky ever again seems unlikely, but I remain optimistic. The Consul and I can console ourselves quite happily otherwise I’m sure, but it would be good to see Kentucky again too.