Forgotten Drinking Companions – Mr 3Rows

cf. Sat, 05/29/2010 – 05:45 | max An unassuming cove with a tash, Mister ThreeRows was the landlord at the Little Park (R.I.P.). Ably assisted by a man called Bum and a haughty pigtailed woman with the best arse I’ve ever seen, he took his name from his uncanny ability to serve a thirsty drinkingman though he be struggling to get to the bar-counter amid the throng. It was my heaven and I aspired to coat my upper lip with creamy head in tribute to my favourite barman, his bum, and his barmaid’s arse. Yes, l was in love with it all. Everyone is trying to get to the bar The name of the bar The bar is called heaven The band in heaven They play my favourite song Play it one more time Play it all night long Oh heaven Heaven is a place A place where nothing Nothing ever happens.