Fourth of July

Ah, the day we managed to get our independence. Three little words. But what are the best of these phrases? 10) Under the Volcano. Natch. 9) Kentucky Derby Day. Don’t forget where to stick those roses, boys. 8) I want you. Much better than I love you, and hence its memorialization in song by the greats (Dylan, Waits, Costello). 7) Fuck my arse. The words every boy wants to hear from his sweetheart. 6) Broadway Danny Rose. Ends by celebrating that other great American tradition they wouldn’t have without the English. 5) Hit the North. God bless the Onion at Universe City. Later, Max and the Consul enter the City walls in God’s own count(r)y. 4) Guns of Brixton. When they kick at your front door. Best song for asserting independence against the respressive state apparatus (‘you can read me the riot act’)? 3) Withnail and I. The greatesr filmscript of all time. Shakespeare for a modern age. 2) Nail ’em up. The only three words that can make the drinkingmen all laugh. 1) Get ’em in! Max has already blogged on Macbeth, and for good reason. Shakespeare calls ‘drink’ the great equivocator, and also a great provoker itself of three things, nose-painting, sleep and urine.