From Russia With Love

As we all know by now 1963 was a very special year … yes that’s right the 2nd James Bond Movie came out: From Russia With Love. Sean Connery is still the classic all-time Bond, although I think the current Bond, Daniel Craig, is a very close second. And From Russia With Love is one of the best Bond movies ever. To me it is at a purer form before all the gimmicks arrived. The gimmicks can be fun, but I’m sure Sean Connery in From Russia With Love was as close to Ian Fleming’s ideal Bond as he could imagine. And of course who can forget the Bond girl: Daniela Bianchi very much a beauty of the times. Along with TIppi Hedren who debuted in the same year, we don’t see such classy ladies so much these days. Great Movie, Great Theme Song, and Great Girl!