Gaying it right up – the finale

So last weekend I went to see the final movie in the Twilight Saga. To avoid lawsuits I waited a week to give it time to calm down. I found myself in a packed movie theater full of women (including my wife and mum), but loved it all the same. I was on the edge of the seat the whole movie and was sobbing into my hanky by the end of the show. Because I have not read the books I did not know what to expect and just went along for the amazing ride. I understand that this is not very manly or realistic but I’ve experienced plenty of reality and am quite happy to enjoy 100% pure escapism – even just for a few hours. I for one loved the finale and am looking forward to the complete set out on Blu-Ray next year. All the same I’ll be drinking with the lads in April and making sure I pick-up the Rodborough Cup to reaffirm my manhood. Watch out Consul and Kentucky a hard rain’s a-gonna fall!