(Get a) Grip (on yourself)

Down the Old Badger we have been enjoying the session beer that is Moles Tap. At 3.5% you can drink 4 pints and still only be at the same stage as a pint of 14% wine. Given the time factor involved in drinking half a gallon, you’re virtually sober. And as we enter the Christmas month, that is a message we should all drink to. Bottoms up (sorry, still thinking ’bout the last post)!!! Personally, I’d mount a defence of the mole grip as their best, but they’re all good. And wasn’t it nice to see a picture of Max’s thanksgiving. There are three generations of his womenfolk represented. I know which one his missus is, but I can’t decide on the other two. All I can tell is that they each have a different nationality. What a leader of women Max is. Lol !!!