Gob On You!

Although in later years clearly beautiful actresses have caught my eye as The Consul rightly points out, when I was a teenager it was the female led punk bands that really got me going.  Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Sioux were probably the biggest influence, but I also had a soft spot for Pauline Murray of Penetration.

I remember one concert at the Top Rank Ballroom in Brighton back in 1979 and Penetration were playing.  This was the time when many of the punks thought it was cool to gob on the performers – I’m not sure how that all began but I do remember some gigs the stream of Gob was endless.  I was never one to get involved with that practice, but I do remember to this day how classy Pauline handled it.  She was singing the amazing song “Shout Above The Noise” and some “clever” guy hawked a huge lugi that landed right above her right eyebrow and was just hanging there.  But Pauline didn’t miss a beat she carried on singing the song and only when she turned around away from the crowd did she wipe it away surreptitiously -it was so smooth and classy that she has remained in my thoughts ever since.  Great song too!