Goodbye Lou

I received a text earlier today from The Consul informing me Lou Reed had died. It wasn’t until later this evening it really sank in: over the last thirty years Lou Reed has meant more to me than probably any other performer. He took over from my teen years and The Clash, and filled my college years and early work years and continued influencing me even when I moved to the USA. I was lucky enough to see Lou Reed twice. Once in London with Kentucky and once here in Austin. Both times he was amazing. I love almost all of his musical styles and have tried to keep up with his talent over the years. I was actually hoping to see him again soon. It is not until you start to go over his amazing body of work that you realize what you have lost. I have so many distinct memories of times and places with Lou Playing in the background and foreground it really hurts. Earlier I sat in my office with the lights off and was listening to Perfect Day with my eyes filled with tears. Here is the great man one more time. We’ll miss you Lou. They keep taking down the videos I link to so this one is third times a charm?