Greatest Year in Music 10

So this is the final vinyl year. We start to see a turn perhaps? The first punk album in The Modern Lovers? Perhaps not, but a bridge between the Velvets, Dolls and Stooges on the one hand and the Pistols, Voidoids and Damned on the other. There’s also some old world hangover on a the lush pop orchestration of A New World Record, the rockers still going on Jailbreak, and the sellout West Coast sound on Hotel California, a last gasp of a music world about to change.

1 Hejira

2 Jailbreak

3 A new World Record

4 Hotel California

5 Station to station

6 Desire

7 Modern Lovers

8 The Royal Scam

9 A Trick of the Tail

10 Stupidity

Yeah, let’s end on a live album, with the pub rock sweat and snarl of the Canvey Island confidentials.

Oh, and what was the best year. Well, 1973 on this evidence, followed by 1975 and 1971. Easy, wasn’t it (Smiley smile)!