Greatest Year in Music 2

Well 1967 looks pretty hard to beat. It’s so flipping inaugural (Doors, Cohen, Velvets etc) and there’s so much great stuff you can’t get into a list of ten albums. But you have the essence of not just the summer but the year in everything Pepper represents in terms of design and packaging as well as lyrics and musical palette. The recording studio is of course key. Music is no longer primarily about playing live, with the recorded version an imitation, memento or reproduction. The 4-track recording studio is now the thing itself: ‘the album eclipses live performance until punk’. Discuss.

So, what about  1968?

1 Astral Weeks

2 Odessey and Oracle

3 The White Album

4 Beggars Banquet

5 Music from Big Pink

6 Bookends

7 Nancy and Lee

8 Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake

9 In Search of the Lost Chord

10 The Notorious Byrd Brothers