Greatest Year in Music 9

1975 was the first year I think I would have gone and bought some of these albums from new. I remember getting the Number 1 below from Woolworths and peeling away the shiny black shrink wrap that enveloped the original album. And I still wonder who nicked my copy. Probably Ricketts.

1 Wish you were here

2 Blood on the Tracks

3 Born to Run

4 Still Crazy after all these years

5 Physical Graffiti

6 Horses

7 The Koln Concert

8 Captain Fantastic

9 Basement Tapes

10 Hissing of Summer Lawns

& Katy Lied, Coney Island Baby and so on. Plus I remember getting A Night at the Opera for Christmas and playing it over and over again. The last decent Queen album, though they are one of those bands whose later output has made it very difficult to forgive them overall.