Guess who just got back today

Kentucky Calling:

9.11.10 and your optimism is repaid little Maxxy Horn. 8 years and 2 months trying to extricate myself. Now, that other tight arsed trio- Heaney, Mahon and Longley – they could write a sweet line or two. They also liked a drop of the black stuff and, to this very day, Guinness remains a classic of its genreĀ  However, time and tide wait for no man. No brewer worth his salt can rest on his laurels – it is, after all, 2018 for God’ s sake!

So, for the uninitiated, there is now Hop House 13. What a great drink. They call it a lager but for me it’s a cross between a lager and a pale ale. A TRULY modern beer. But why not, it is 2018 for God’s sake!”