Holiday Monday

One of the great traditions is the Bank Holiday Monday. So, here in the week of Whitsun we have Monday off work. It’s meant to be the day after Pentecost, but because no one can actually put a date on the death of Jesus over ‘Easter’, we have to have a secular equivalent for Whit Monday: the last Monday in May. In tribute to lying in bed on a Monday morning, I give you my eight days a week soundtrack:

  1. Monday Morning by The Candyskins
  2. Tuesday Morning by the Pogues
  3. Wednesday Week by The Undertones
  4. Thursday (here’s why I did not go to work today) by Nilsson
  5. Friday’s Child by Them
  6. Saturdays are the Greatest by Kristina Train
  7. Sunday by Nick Drake
  8. Every Morning by Sugar Ray