How You Survive Working In A Factory

After reading this post, I was reminded of one summer how I worked for a whole month at a factory in Burgess Hill, Sussex with a huge machine whose only task was to  cut and stamp out face plates for ovens.  You’d guide the metal in, press the foot pedal, and the jaws would close and stamp out the dial section for an oven.  It was pretty boring after day one, and come the end of the month boy you wanted to kill yourself.  But there were three things that made it bearable:

  1. Every Friday I’d get my pay envelope with cash in it.  Which I promptly took to my local record store.
  2. Two or three times a day the hot blonde secretary would walk through the shop floor walk from one end of the factory to the other and was always friendly and made you feel special.  I swear it was part of her job to walk through and keep the troops happy.
  3. Every hour, pretty much on the hour, they would play I Don’t Like Mondays and I would pretend to play the piano on my stamping machine.  It was a perfect song then and still is today.