I Only Drink to Excess

“I only drink to excess.” This was one of my favorite phrases back in my college days. In those days Kentucky and I had a slightly different focus and drinking as much as we could was a big part of why we went out. This was the time that Kentucky came up with amazing drinks like the G and V. Finding a Perfect Pint was important, but frankly there was always Löwenbräu when we couldn’t find a good ale. It was a laugh when we were twenty and still fun at twenty-five and even thirty. However, as the years have continued to mercilessly roll on, I have found that the excesses have been replaced with the simple satisfaction of finding a Perfect Pint coupled with interesting company. When we go out instead of drinking the strongest beer we can find we look for clarity, body, and taste – and I’m not talking about the barmaids! We look for pubs that have good ambiance – not too loud or packed, good bar staff, a bit of architectural character, and of course well kept beer. The excitement of visiting a new pub with a well regarded beer always makes my lips smack. The anticipation of that first clean sup of a Perfect Pint is really hard to beat. Maybe we are old duffers now but as we have aged the search for the Perfect Pint has taken on a deeper meaning and I for one enjoy more than ever the stroll to the local. I have fond memories this year of our visits to The Swan enjoying some good session beer, the odd glass of Cider and Perry, and rounding the evening out with a good dose of Health & Efficiency.